Eid al-Adha prayer at homes in Damascus, its countryside to tackle coronavirus outbreak

Damascus, SANA- In response to the precautionary measures for tackling the novel coronavirus, Eid al-Adha prayer for this year will be performed at homes in Damascus and its countryside after the Ministry of Islamic Endowments (Awqaf) had suspended the Eid prayer at the mosques in the two provinces.

Director of Damascus Countryside Awqaf Department Khudir Shahrour, in a statement to SANA on Wednesday, said that the Ministry asked the members of the mosques’ committees in the provinces to tighten the precautionary measures at all the mosques in which Eid al-Adha prayer will be performed while the Eid prayer will not be performed at the mosques in the provinces of Damascus and its countryside as the prayer will be suspended in them.

Shahrour noted that the required precautionary measures include wearing masks by the worshippers and the social distancing, the sterilization at the door of the mosque and the nonattendance of the patients and the children and whoever has any symptoms that are similar to those of the coronavirus, in addition to disinfecting the mosques before and after the prayer.

He affirmed the necessity of the full abidance by the required health measures, particularly as the Eid prayer usually witnesses a huge turnout, underlining the necessity of adhering to the preventive measures.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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