Receiving appeals on People Assembly’s elections is over, decisions within a week

Damascus, SANA – Head of the Supreme Constitutional Court Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham on Friday announced that the deadline for receiving the appeals regarding the People’s Assembly elections held on July 19th is over, stressing that they will be reviewed according to the Court’s jurisdiction and the provided documents.

In a statement to SANA, Lahham said that the Court has received a number of appeals related to the elections form several provinces, adding that according to the constitution, the general elections law, and the law of the Supreme Constitutional Court, the Court will review all the appeals and decide within seven days as of today.

On July 21st, the Higher Committee for the Elections announced the results of the People’s Assembly’s elections for the third legislative term, and candidates who did not win have the right to object the results within 3 days as of the date of announcing the results.

Baraa Ali / Hazam Sabbagh

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