Pistachio production in Hama exceeds 32 thousand tons

Hama, SANA- Hama’s Agriculture Directorate said that the province’s production of pistachio for the current season is estimated at 32.241 tons, including 8897 tons for the irrigated lands and 23.344 tons for the rainfed lands.

Head of International Planning and Coordination Department at the Directorate, Eng. Mwafak al-Najjar told SANA reporter that the total cultivated areas with pistachio trees amounted to 213388 dunums, of which 61691 irrigated and 151697 rainfed.

He added that the most pistachio trees are cultivated in the northern countryside of the province, particularly in Mourek, Souran, Taibat al-Imam ,Kafr Zaita and Qamhana.

It is worth mentioning that Hama province produced more than 28 thousand tons of pistachio last year.

Baraa Ali / Hala Zain

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