Health Ministry takes a set of preventive measures to be taken in the electoral process to tackle coronavirus

Damascus, SANA-Health Ministry announced preventive measures and health controls which must be taken during elections of the People’s Assembly due to be held on July 19th , 2020 in light of tackling coronavirus (COVID-19).

In a statement on Thursday, the Ministry stressed on the importance of maintaining spatial distance and determining a number of persons supposed to be in polling stations along with number of voters inside the stations.

The Ministry called for enhancing the health conditions in the polling stations such as ventilation, preventing smoking, wearing face masks by the workers on the ballot boxes ,in addition to using sterilization materials after voting process and posters about the disease to help the citizens stay informed about its spreading, and precautionary ways.

The Ministry added that the voters must use their own pens in the electoral process, referring to the importance of leaving the polling stations once the process is done.

Baraa Ali/Shaza

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