Moscow: Some Western states use humanitarian aid delivery mechanism in Syria for political purposes

Moscow, SANA- The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned against politicizing the file of aid delivery to Syria, indicating that this mechanism is being used by some parties for achieving political purposes in a way that contradicts with respecting Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In a statement published on its website last night, the Ministry said “The situation in Syria has been changing radically over the six years after establishing the humanitarian aid delivery mechanism as the Syrian government has restored the largest part of the country and it effectively contributes to providing aid to its citizens, therefore, Russia considers it futile to extend this temporary and urgent measure which is represented in the mechanism to deliver humanitarian aid infinitely.”

The statement indicated that the deliberations held at the International Security Council on June 11th in this regard have shown that there are problems for some Western states with regard to respecting the rules and principles of the international humanitarian law and this is what has been confirmed by the attempts of these countries to use the mechanism of humanitarian aid delivery, and the unilateral coercive measures with the aim of increasing the suffering of the Syrian people.

The statement expressed the hope that the mechanism of humanitarian aid will not be politicized and the aid will be delivered during the next stage to all regions in Syria in coordination with its government.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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