Competent authorities dismantle IED’s planted by Daesh terrorists in Homs countryside

Homs, SANA-The competent authorities on Thursday dismantled a number of explosive devices planted by Daesh terrorists at one of the gas pipeline stations in the surrounding of Sokhna city, about 70 km from Palmyra city in Homs eastern countryside.

“During the preliminary investigations conducted by the competent security authorities in Palmyra city with members of the terrorist groups who have recently been arrested in Jabal al-Amor area, sneaking from the US base in al-Tanf area, they admitted planting a number of explosive devices at one of the gas pipeline stations in the vicinity of Sokhna city” a field source told SANA reporter in Palmyra.

The source pointed out that the engineering units in Palmyra city managed to dismantle the IED’s and detonated them later without causing any damages to the governmental gas facilities.

MHD.Ibrahim/Mazen Eyon

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