Education Ministry calls upon students to participate in World’s Largest Lesson initiative from home

Damascus, SANA- Education Ministry called upon the students to participate from their homes in the World’s Largest Lesson initiative, one of the UN Development Program’s initiatives on the biggest Earth Day celebration under the motto “Imagine the Future and Make it Happen”.

Assistant Education Minister Darem Tabaa told SANA in a statement that the initiative aims to educate children and youth about the importance of preserving the earth resources and protecting them from pollution, through lectures, initiatives and lessons about the sustainable development goals, unify their efforts to achieve 17 global goals by 2030 and how they themselves can contribute to these goals  .

Tabaa added that the children will communicate via internet or phones with their elderly relatives to talk about climate change between the past and the present.

He added that the activity aims at enhancing the students and society’s awareness on the importance of climate’s change in changing the structure and environment of the earth.

The International The World’s Largest Lesson initiative of UNICEF was launched in 2015. Through this initiative, millions of children in more than 130 countries have been educated about the sustainable development goals and have gotten an idea of how they themselves can contribute to the goals.

Syria took part in the initiative in 2018 as the initiative has affected more than 8 million children, according to the Assistant Education Minister.

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