Syrian team harvests 51 medals at West Asian Weightlifting Championship, UAE  

Abu Dhabi, SANA- Syrian weightlifting team harvested 51 various medals (29 golds, 15 silvers and 7 bronzes) in 2020 West Asian Weightlifting Championship which is currently held in the UAE with the participation of 150 male and female weightlifters who represent 15 states.

29 gold medals were gained by Syrian weightlifters in the competitions of the Championship as follows: 3 medals gained by Nagham Rasha/ women category, 6 by Roub’a Suleiman/ women category, 6 by Mary Hassan/ women and young women category, 3 by Ja’afar Mayya/ young men category, 3 by Tawfiq Fateh/ young men category and by Lubaba al-Shamali/ women and young women category and a gold medal for each of Yahiya al-Ghafir and Mohammad Muthalaj/ men category.

 The Syrian team also harvested five silver medals; 5 gained by Yahiya al-Ghafir/ 6 by Tawfiq Fateh/ young men and men categories, and a silver medal by Mohammad Muthalaj/ young men category and three medals by Mohammad al-Hayek/ men category.

Three bronze medals were also won by Ja’afar Mayya / young men category, and a bronze medal was won by Mohammad Muthalaj/ men category while 3 bronzes were harvested my Majd Jughaili.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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