Syrian flag hoisted over Khan al-Asal Police Academy in Aleppo countryside

Aleppo, SANA – Aleppo Police Command on Sunday hoisted the Syrian national flag over Khan al-Asal Police Academy in Aleppo western countryside after liberating it from terrorism.

The Command also put a police point in service in al-Zarba town southwest of Aleppo, and deployed units of Internal Security Forces on the international highway from the town towards Aleppo western entrance.

Speaking to SANA, Commander of Aleppo Police Maj. Gen. Issam al-Shelli pointed out to the strategic importance of the Police Academy’s location which was a target for terrorist groups, hailing the sacrifices made by the Internal Security Forces and the Syrian Arab Army to defend the school against the terrorists.

The school will be rehabilitated and put in service in the coming days, he added.

In the same context, after liberating al-Zarba area and Aleppo-Damascus international highway, several units of Internal Security Forces have been deployed on the international highway towards Aleppo’s western entrance and at the intersection leading to al-Zarba area a few days ago.

SANA’s camera documented the return of several industrialists inspecting their facilities in al-Zarba area, as well as the deployment of Internal Security Forces to restore security and stability in the area.

Shaza/Hazem Sabbagh

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