Citrus festival in Lattakia, important economic and trade event

Lattakia, SANA_ The Citrus Festival currently held at the National Museum in Lattakia province constitutes an important economic and trade manifestation and a platform to introduce Syrian citrus fruit that have distinct characteristics.

The festival, which kicked off on Saturday, displays all kinds of citrus fruits with the aim of promoting this important agricultural product and introducing it for marketing internally and externally.

The four-day economic festival will be accompanied by holding a scientific symposium on Sunday at Dar Al-Assad for Culture with the participation of about 25 lecturers from the Syrian universities, the Production and Exports Support and Development Agency (EPSDA) and the marketing authorities.

The outcomes of the symposium will have positive impacts on the situation of citrus fruits in terms of production, growing, marketing and exporting.

Regarding the participation of the Italian “Global GAP”, a “Good Agricultural Practice” certification body, which grants organic farming certificates for natural products, the inspector at the company, Sami Wahiba, clarified that the company’s participation aims at introducing the company, which was licensed in Syria, to the farmers and the sorting and packaging centers and at defining its certificates which are considered a transit pass for the Syrian product to the global markets.

Wahiba described the Syrian agricultural production as one of the best products, pointing out that the Syrian citrus fruits enjoy international specifications.

He underlined that there are several farms in Syria that have been granted the company’s certificate, which proves that they meet the specifications required for organic and exportable production.

Director of Lattakia Agriculture Munzer Kheir Bek, said that the festival is important for external marketing, particularly after the government has adopted a certain policy to market the surplus of citrus.

He clarified that the citrus fruits production constitutes a main source of income for more than 45 families in Lattakia, noting that the province’s production of citrus fruits this year is 800,000 tons.


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