Terrorist attacks on Homs refinery and Rayan Gas station cause material damage

Homs, SANA- Homs refinery, Gas factory of southern Central region and al-Rayan Gas station came under terrorist synchronous attacks that caused damage in the production units.

“The attacks caused some damage in the production units,” Petroleum Minister Ali Ghanem told reporters, adding that attacks are systematic and synchronized.

The Minister stressed that the fire teams rushed to extinguish the fires while the technical workshop embarked the maintenance operations.

He added due to the attacks, a number of production units in the three sites came out of service, but the technical and fire teams were able during the first hours to extinguish fires, evaluate the damage and start maintenance works.

Homs governor, Talal Barazi, referred to the big efforts which were exerted by the firemen to put out fires, affirming that today’s attack is a terrorist one that targets economy of the Homeland.

Mazen Eyon



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