Widespread international condemnation of Turkish aggression on Syrian territory

Capitals, SANA- Czech Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek called for stopping the Turkish aggression on the Syrian territory immediately, affirming that it violates the international law and contradicts with it.

In a statement to Czech media outlets after a meeting with EU foreign ministers in Luxemburg on Monday, Petricek said that the Turkish offensive also threatens the political process of solving the crisis in Syria.

In a relevant context, the World Peace Council (WPC), in a statement on Tuesday condemned the Turkish offensive on the Syrian territories, calling for immediately halting it and withdrawing all the occupational foreign forces from Syria, affirming that the Syrian only are the ones who decide the future of their country.

The council expressed full solidarity with the struggle of the Syrian people in the face of terrorism, occupation and aggression.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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