Syrian Child invents solar energy project

Sweida, SANA_ Hayel Al-Salamah is a Syrian child from Sweida city who  succeeded in inventing a solar energy project from the environment to light streets.

Al-Salamah who is 11 years old, started to apply his idea out of his love of research and discovery, trying to collect all the available electronic and old  parts and recycled them again to achieve his idea until he succeeded in forming solar energy for street lighting .

Hayel’s invention was achieved in one day and was displayed in “Basel creativity and invention” exhibition which was held within the activities of the 61st session of Damascus International Fair.

He also has other innovations, including a vacuum cleaner,  an alarm and a light signal and detector for counterfeit currency and others. He participated in an exhibition of invention and hopes that his innovations will be supported to serve his country.


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