Syrian and Russian Coordination committees: Over 29,000 civilians evacuated from al-Rukban Camp

Damascus, SANA – Syrian and Russian Coordination committees for the return of displaced Syrians announced that thanks to joint Syrian-Russian efforts, more than 29,000 civilians have been evacuated from al-Rukban Camp, and that work is underway to evacuate the remaining displaced people there.

During a press conference on Monday, Local Administration Minister Hussein Makhlouf said that more than 29,000 civilians have been evacuated from al-Rukban Camp and housed at fully-equipped temporary housing centers where they are provided with food and healthcare.

He said that every displaced citizen at the camp, even those who had been bearing arms, can return if they want to and benefit from amnesty decrees.

For his part, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad said camps, particularly al-Rukban, are “American colonies on Syrian territory,” and that the US doesn’t shoulder its responsibilities entailed by it occupation of al-Rukban and al-Hol, instead placing that burden on international organizations and the Syrian state.

Mikdad said that Syria won’t remain silent for long over the illegal US occupation of Syrian territory.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commander of the Russian forces operating in Syria, General Alexei Bakin, said the evaluation committee of the UN and Syrian Arab Red Crescent are working on making lists of people who wish to leave the camp, noting that the Syrian state has set up 50 temporary housing centers.

Hazem Sabbagh

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