Washington sends 150 trucks laden with military and logistics equipment to separatist SDF militias

Hasaka, SANA- The USA has illegitimately sent a new convoy containing tens of trucks loading military and logistic equipment to al-Malikiyah city in the northeast of Hasaka to support the separatist Qasad (SDF) militias, which continue their criminal practices against civilians in areas of their positions in Syrian al-Jazira region.

Local sources in Qamishli city said that 150 trucks loading military and logistics reinforcements entered through the river crossing of Simalka that links northern Iraq with Syria to support Qasad (SDF) militias, strengthening their control over areas in al-Jazira, and controlling the destiny of the locals there.

In a relevant context, Qasad and Asayish militias continue their aggressive acts against the locals and arrest youths at the roadblocks on the roads and the neighborhoods to take them to the militias’ camps in the areas controlled by them.

Locals of al-Jazira area in several towns and villages in Raqqa, Hasaka, and Deir Ezzor countryside took to the streets in protest against practices of US-backed Qasad militias over the past weeks, demanding the US occupation forces and the Qasad militias expulsion from their areas and the entrance of the Syrian Arab army to them.


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