Al-Khalil: Protecting victims of terrorism begins by addressing actual causes of its spread


New York, SANA – First Secretary of Syria’s Permanent Delegation to the UN Wael al-Khalil said that protecting the rights of victims of terrorism should begin by addressing the real causes and factors that led to the spread of terrorism around the world.

This came in a statement before the UN General Assembly during a session on Friday for approving a resolution on enhancing international cooperation to help victims of terrorism.

Al-Khalil said Syria was part of the talks for producing this resolution that should help realize the desired goals of helping victims of terrorism, although these goals are often obstructed by political considerations.

He reiterated Syria’s call for reforming the system and methodology of the UN Counter-Terrorism Center, which currently deviates from UN methodology in terms of transparency and integrity.

Al-Khalil said Syria welcomes all that would protect the rights of the victims of terrorists’ crimes, crimes which mainly target civilians, killing thousands of them and injuring thousands more.

He said the exchange of information and expertise among member states must be conducted on the basis of mutual respect of sovereignty and on the UN providing technical support to states upon their request.

“In its war against the terrorism of Daesh, Al Qaeda, and Jabhat al-Nusra terror organization, Syria has lost the lives of tens of thousands of its people, and the Syrians have suffered unprecedented pain due to terrorism, in addition to terrible economic losses,” al-Khalil said, noting that despite that, the UN has not provided any tangible support in the field of counter-terrorism, all while Syria is under an economic embargo imposed by countries that either funded terrorism or overlooked those who support and fund it.

He stressed that certain governments have not been committed to combating terrorism without politicization or double standards, and instead they breached UN resolutions by contributing to the creation and spread of the foreign fighters phenomenon.

Hazem Sabbagh

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