Including Russian language to curriculum of Syrian schools discussed

Suchi, SANA- Eighth Assembly of Foundation of the Russian World opened its activities in the Russian resort of Suchi under the title “Culture and Time” with the participation of Syria.

The Syrian delegation to the Assembly comprises Minister of Education Hizwan al-Waz, Member of al-Baath Arab socialist party Malik Ali and Rector of Damascus University Mohammad Hassan al-Kurdi.

On the sidelines of the Assembly, the Syrian delegation met the Russian Deputy Education Minister and Director General of the Russian World Commission as discussions concentrated on the efforts exerted to include the Russian language to the curriculum of the Syrian schools and opening the Russian Language department and the Russian literary at Damascus University.

Education Minister al-Waz affirmed the importance of the new step that included the Russian Language, as a second optional language, to the curriculum of the Syrian schools as a vital and pivotal language.

He added the Ministry has opened 4 to 6 schools for teaching the Russian Language in each Syrian city, and 10 in Damascus, saying that the number of students who have the desire to learn the Russian language reached at 2500.

Mazen Eyon


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