Syrian political and civil forces sign anti-ISIS declaration

Damascus, SANA-Political and civil forces inside Syria have signed a declaration that spelled out vehement opposition to ISIS and the powers of extremism and terrorism.

The forces which signed the declaration stressed in a statement issued Monday on the occasion that no matter their different affiliations, stripes and visions, they ‘utterly reject’ ISIS and its goals and practices which they consider “at a collision course with the interests of the Syrian people who crave decent life and a democratic and pluralistic state.”

ISIS, apart from being a terrorist organization, is a divisive and exclusionist scheme that tears the Syrian social fabric apart and puts at great risk the components of the Syrian society.

As it affirmed commitment to the inclusive Syrian identity and is ethnic, religious and cultural diversity, as well as adherence to national unity and rejection of foreign intervention, the statement considered breaches of sovereignty as a byproduct of a protracted crisis in Syria.

The forces signatory to the declaration considered that a resolution of the crisis must be political that leads to the formation of a government that respects the free will of the Syrian people and brings in all parties.

They vowed further communications with all Syrian parties and forces of all stripes, visions and affiliations, underscoring the necessity of mobilizing all Syrian potential to confront the ‘grave danger’ that ISIS poses.

Manal Ismael

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