Efimov: Increase in number of Russian companies to participate in Damascus International Fair

Damascus, SANA- Russian Ambassador in Damascus Alexander Efimov affirmed that Damascus International Fair constitutes the best opportunity for Russian businessmen to meet their Syrian counterparts directly and to provide their services, in addition to discussing common interests and benefits.

In an interview with SANA to be broadcast later on Sunday, the Russian Ambassador indicated that Russia confirmed its participation in the 61st edition of the Fair.

He expected that the number of the Russian companies which will attend the fair this year will increase in comparison with the other years as many of these companies are interested in coming to Syria to contribute to the reconstruction and to implement various projects.

Ambassador Efimov referred to exchanging economic delegations between the two countries and the participation of Syrian officials and businessmen in different economic forums in Russia such as St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and Yalta Forum.

The 60th edition of Damascus International Fair witnessed a wide participation of Russian companies, particularly those which work in the domains of telecommunications, cables, medical technology, heavy industries, and air navigation, in addition to the participation of about 100 business owners.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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