Leaving unique geological museum and researches, Prof.  Fawaz Azki passes away

Lattakia, SANA_ Dr. Fawaz Azki, a professor at Tishreen University in Lattakia and the founder of the first geological museum in Syria, passed away leaving  considerable researches, studies and discoveries.

He has valuable scientific fingerprints in the field of geology at the level of Syria and the Middle East.

The late Azki, with his simple geological instruments, discovered the Syrian dinosaur in 2001 where he discovered the dinosaur embryo in the village of al-Amoud in Slunfa and the dinosaur egg in the village of Bismalekh.

The passion of the late Azki of geology and fossils led him to transform his own house in Kasmin village in Lattakia Province into the first geological museum in Syria where he collected the most important discoveries and fossils dating back to millions of years  as well as the oldest geological map of Syria.

Due to his belief in the importance of the scientific research, Azki recommended not to invest his museum materially and use it for purely scientific researches.

At his own house al-Azki aslo set up the first astronomical observatory containing four telescopes to monitor the movement of stars and planets.

He is the author of the first Arabic geological encyclopedia in 2001.

His geological museum aims at turning geology from a mysterious world into a general culture and at showing the influence of mankind on the future of geology.

The museum plays a vital and key role in serving students of schools and universities, researchers and other interested persons  and more importantly, it allows ideas and knowledge to be passed on across generations rather than existing only for the here and now.

Azki received his PhD degree in hydrogeophysics  from the University of Bucharest in 1991  and worked as a teacher at the University of Tishreen in Lattakia.

Geologist Azki has participated in a number of international, Arab and local scientific conferences, forums and symposiums on geology, fossils, hydrogeology and remote sensing in several foreign and Arab countries.

He has many researches, studies and papers presented at international conferences and has received many awards, including the Prize for Geophysics and the Medal of Science.



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