Khalil wins silver prize of Philosopher Lao Zi & Zen Master Huineng Caricatures 2019, China

Damascus, SANA_ Syrian cartoonist Raed Khalil won the silver prize in the Philosopher Lao Zi & Zen Master Huineng Caricatures 2019 recently held in China for the first time with the participation of hundreds of artists from dozens of countries.

The theme of the festival was the portrait of the Chinese philosopher Lao Zi, “the old master”, and his personality, which dealt with the valuable  and spontaneous ideas that talk about the object and its opposite.

Khalil’s wining cartoon portrayed character of this philosopher in the form of yin-yang with all its significance and the problematic relationship between black and white.

Khalil harvested a number of international awards and participated in the arbitration of several international festivals. He is Director of the annual Syrian International Cartoon Contest .



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