1st Aleppo Sculpturing Forum held under the title “For Creativity and Peace.”

Aleppo, SANA-Ten stone sculptures by elite artists , whose height reached up to 3 meters, were showcased on Saturday at 1st Aleppo Sculpturing Forum held under the title “For Creativity and Peace.”

The Forum was held at al-Sheikh Najjar Industrial city with the participation of sculptors from different Syrian provinces.

The participating sculptors were able through their artworks to translate the role of plastic art in the social and economic movement  through embodying the strength of the Syrian industry in times of peace and wars.

The Forum was held in cooperation with al-Sheikh Najjar Industrial City, Aleppo Chamber of Industry, and Plastic Artists Union in Aleppo and it will last for 15 days.

Artistic pieces will be accomplished during the Forum which will be a model of the creativity, peace and the movement of the wheel of industry as they will be showcased at several sites and they will be put at the Industrial City in al-Sheikh Najjar.

The goal behind the Forum is to keep up with the process of the reconstruction as elite plastic artists are participating in it to achieve that purpose.

SANA’s camera kept pace with the final touches of accomplishing the sculptures and met a number of artists participating in the forum as they affirmed that the Forum comes to express the value of Aleppo’s victory over terrorism and the return of the industrial city to production again.

Participants in the forum noted that their participation came to affirm the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army and to embody them through the sculptors.

“We came to Aleppo to celebrate victory with it through our artistic works,” artist Mohammad Ba’ajanou told SANA.

Meanwhile, a number of sculptors underlined the importance of the forum in exchanging expertise among the participating artists, adding that the collective work gives a momentum to the artistic works.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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