Antica Museum … stores beautiful memories and summarizes history

Damascus, SANA_In the heart of al-Qanawat neighborhood in Damascus, a house of small wooden door leads you to a world that stores beautiful memories and traditions through more than 2000 rare artistic pieces collected by the 60-year old Haitham Tabakhah (Abu Mohammad).

Some of these pieces date back to more than 250 years and summarize the history.

Antiques have turned  the house of Abu Muhammad, who is found of details of his city’s heritage, into a small museum.

One visit may not be enough to brief on the large number of antiques and items that date back to distant eras and document a historic stage full of narrations and beautiful songs.

Abu Mohammed narrates that he, since early childhood,  used to collect  money to buy historical artifacts, noting that it took many years of searching  for the rare pieces and making sure they were documented.

The 2-storey museum, contains 2,000 archaeological and historical artifacts dating back to 100 and 200 years,  two pieces of more than 200 years old, about 150-year old French-style serum bag, a 250-year-old war sword and a computer and laptop dating back to 1980,  mosaic in addition to popular costume, fashion and antiques that reflect the details of past life.

For more than 80 years, the house of Abu Mohammed has become a destination for artists, researchers and those interested in heritage.

Tools of the old professions and a collection of rare pictures of the streets and squares of old Damascus and photo of first batch of graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine in 1920 works are showcased.

Abu Mohammed is interested in memorizing the folk songs, and he does not hesitate to repeat them whenever he has the opportunity. It is not difficult to feel  his  joyous personality.

He recommends his sons to preserve the heritage of their homeland since it is a moral wealth and aesthetic value, pointing to the need to pay attention to the restoration of ancient lanes because they are of historic importance.

The father’s recommendation stopped  us to talk to his son, who expressed his pride in his father’s experience.

He said that every piece of those masterpieces  occupies its own place in his father’s heart and this glare increases with the passage of time.”Our joy lies when we see our father fulfill his dream and promise him to preserve this ancient treasure.”

The visitor leaves this beautiful museum with refreshed and opened memory to retrieve his/her observations during a visit to the place full of heritage, originality and values.





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