More killing and destruction tools left behind by terrorists before being defeated come up to surface


Provinces, SANA- Although large areas across Syria have been cleared of Takfiri terrorists, yet more civilians are killed every day through what have been left by terrorists of killing and destruction tools represented by thousands of mines and explosive devices.

Ahead of evacuating their bastions, terrorists had planted mines and explosive devices on roadsides, farms, between the buildings and trees and at the markets underground and behind the rocks in a way that exposes the dirtiness of their narrow-minded mentality and beliefs.

Since declaring their war on Syria, terrorist organizations and their backers have sought to sow death and terrorism tools everywhere to intimidate the locals who rejected to leave their homes, towns and farms on one hand, and to prevent those who have been displaced by terrorism from returning to their villages and towns which have been liberated by the Syrian Arab Army on the other hand.

The most difficult thing which the Syrian Government have faced throughout its war on terrorism which dragged on for about eight years, was that it has faced hundreds of terrorist organizations which have different backgrounds, backers and sponsors, yet all of them had the same behavior which had been embodied in the bloodshed and the destruction of buildings and civilization.

Those terrorist organizations didn’t only leave diametrically a “scorched earth”, but they had created a total chaos on different levels including what civilians are nowadays suffering from due to the mines, car bombs and explosive devices which had been left behind by terrorists and other tools of killing in all the areas which had been under their control and were later liberated.

Military Expert, retired Brigadier General Ali Maqsoud noted that after liberating large areas from terrorist organizations thanks to the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army, the army engineering units have worked on removing car bombs and mines planted by terrorists in agricultural lands and villages using advanced devices which are able to deal with different types of mines and explosives, particularly those used by Daesh (ISIS) and (Jabhat al-Nusra) terrorists.

Similar incidents have taken place over the past few days in the areas surrounding al-Azib Valley in Hama countryside as many mines have exploded claiming the lives of scores of civilians from the locals of the area and all of them were remote controlled mines  and it is difficult to dismantle them , Maqsoud told SANA.

He warned against the infiltration of Takfiri terrorists to that wide area which is linked to the Syrian Badyia “desert” to attack civilians through targeting them with mines planted in areas where they work or on the roads through which their agricultural vehicles usually pass.

Observers say that the main reason behind the continuation of deaths among civilians in the areas which have been liberated from terrorism through military operations or settlements is in the first place due to the randomness of the way according to which the mines had been planted by terrorists and the impossibility of knowing the map of their locations, in addition to the quality of the used mines and explosive devices as some of them are very sophisticated and they have enormous destructive power.

Military Expert, retired Brigadier General clarified that the repetition of incidents due to the blast of landmines and car bombs left behind by terrorists, the latest of which was on Sunday in al-Azib Valley in Hama eastern countryside, indicate that there are two reasons for that, the first of which is density of mines planted by terrorists before they had been eliminated whose position is difficult to figure out while the second reason is that the locals don’t know how to deal with exotic metal objects due to the absence of help by specialists and mass media.

Scores of civilians have been martyred, mostly women and children, and hundreds have been injured, and material damage has been caused by the blast of tens of mines and explosive devices left behind by terrorist organizations in different parts of the areas which had been under their control before they were eliminated by the Syrian Arab Army.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri



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