Army conducts artillery strikes on terrorists’ dens in Idleb countryside

Idleb, SANA_ Syrian Arab Army responded to the terrorist groups’ violations of de-escalation zone agreement  and destroyed their dens and an ammunition depot for them in Idleb countryside .

SANA reporter said that army units on Monday destroyed terrorist groups’ dens and an ammunition depot for them on the outskirts of Khan Sheikoun and Ma’rat al-Nu’man in Idleb  southern countryside.

The reporter added that the army tracked terrorist groups trying to sneak from then vicinity of Deir Dunbul, northwester Ma’rat al-Nu’man and Bdama in the far southwestern countryside of Idleb towards the military points that protect civilians in the safe areas .

The army units targeted the infiltrating terrorists with precision artillery strikes , inflicting losses upon them in personnel and equipment and forcing the rest to fled away.

On Sunday, the army units destroyed an ammunition depot , which contains rockets and artillery shells in the surrounding of Khan Sheikhoun and hotbeds and gatherings of “al-Ezza Brigades” terrorists on the outskirts of al-Latamina and al-Jisat towns in Hama northern countryside.


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