President al-Assad and Mrs. Asma visit one of Jobar’s tunnels turned by artists to a place of art and creativity

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad and Mrs. Asma al-Assad visited on Thursday one of the tunnels of death dug by the terrorists in Jobar neighborhood, which were turned by 18 Syrian artists to a place of art and creativity after making dozens of sculptures on the walls.

President al-Assad and Mrs. Asma praised the initiative and efforts of the “Aram” team’s artists who decorated the tunnel and cleared the fingerprints and the darkness of terrorism that haunted it for years, with artistic carvings depicting the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army, the Unknown Soldier and the ancient and modern history of Syria.

President al-Assad affirmed that the destruction, darkness and death are the terrorists’ culture while construction, light, life and art are “our own.”

“Every sculpture on these walls reminds us of the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army who fought valiantly to liberate this holy soil, which is mixed with the blood of our martyrs and wounded,” the President affirmed.

The tunnel which was dug by terrorists under a school destroyed by mercenaries was transformed by a group of Syrian artists into an art gallery, including 20 paintings carved on its walls. The work took 25 days over an area of 80 square meters and at a depth of nine meters under the ground.

18 Syrian artists carved various sculptures on the walls of the tunnel reflecting the victories of the Syrian Arab Army, the values of martyrdom and peace, harmony among the Syrian society and the civilization and history of Syria as they turned the tunnel into a showroom to erase darkness of thought that dominated it for a while.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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