Terrorists evacuated from Mahajjeh and Nawa in Daraa province

Daraa, SANA-Terrorists who refused to sign up to an agreement stipulating for eliminating all armed manifestations and the return of state institutions to Mahajja town in Daraa northern countryside have been evacuated from the town.

SANA reporter in Daraa said 10 buses carrying 250 terrorists have left the town to northern Syria.

The reporter said that the authorities will have the legal status of those willing to join reconciliation settled ahead of restoring normal life and the return of state institutions.

The reporter indicated that the buses underwent a rigorous searching and inspection before their departure to ensure that no person is evacuated by force.

On a relevant note, SANA’s war correspondent, reporting from the outskirts of Nawa city in Daraa countryside, said that 250 terrorists and their family members were evacuated from the city via 20 buses on Saturday night.

He said that the rest of the terrorists will be evacuated from Nawa on Sunday, and the remaining militants there will have their legal status settled ahead of announcing the city free of terrorism.

Earlier in the evening, the correspondent said preparations began evacuating terrorists who reject settlement from Nawa.

On July 15, ten buses have been taken out of Daraa al-Balad towards northern Syria carrying 407 terrorists and their families, accompanied by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent vehicles.

Manal / Hazem Sabbagh

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