Souq al-Tawil in Hama city reflects the history and beauty of the city

Hama, SANA – Souq al-Tawil in Hama city is one of the most well-known marketplaces in the city. It extends from the middle of al-Dabaga neighborhood to al-Marabit Street for about 500 meters, including more than 1000 shops.

Souq al-Tawil was previously called Souq al-Mansuriya. It is covered with a metal ceiling to protect the visitors from the elements.

Director of Hama Antiquities and Museums Department Abdel-qader Farzat told SANA that the market contains popular folk and contemporary clothing, linens, furnishings, shoes, and household items, as well as nuts of all kinds.

Frazat added that the Souq contains three Khans (antique inns), mainly al-Sahen, al-Jumrouk and al-Hineh, four mosques, and three bath houses. It has more than one entrance that link it with most of the old neighborhoods of the city.


H. Zain/ Hazem Sabbagh

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