Babila residents weep joyful tears as Syrian flag flies in the town

Babila, Damascus Countryside, SANA – Huge crowds gathered in front of the old municipality building in Babila town with happiness shines through their faces and speaks through their testimonies watching the Syrian flag flies on the top of the building at the rhythm of the National Anthem.

Um Ratib and her 14-year-old daughter Israa joined Babila residents’ celebrations of victory after declaring the towns of Babila, Yelda and Beit Sahm in southern Damascus free of terrorism following the agreement reached on evacuating terrorists and their families unwilling to settle their status to north Syria.

“It is really unspeakable how joyful it is to see our national flag raised in the town,” said Um Ratib with tears in her eyes, stressing that Syria would emerge stronger than before.

After six years, University Professor Amir Arishi returns to his home town of Babila and says: ” This heartfelt joy is due to sacrifices of the Syrian Arab army.”

“We have been waiting for this joyful moment so long,” said Um Anas, a housewife and a mother of a soldier, reaffirming her support the Syrian state and army since the very beginning so she did not leave her home.

With her smiling eyes under the glasses, Um Adel looked at the security forces personnel around her said “All of them are our sons.”

The 63-year-old Mamdouh Dardar rode his bike from Beit Sahem to participate in this celebration. He said “We returned to our house after four years of displacement. Terrorists destroyed and took everything.”

For her part, teacher Raja Abu Khamis relates her story and how she had to resort to Babila along with her two daughters fleeing the heinous practices of Daesh terrorists in al-Yarmouk Camp, saying “Yes, we all have endured pain and heartbreak, yet we were rejoiced by the victory of declaring the towns of Babila, Yelda and Beit Sahem free from terrorism.”

A young carpenter and aluminum worker said that anyone can feel the happiness inside the hearts of Babila inhabitants who woke up from the early morning and cleaned the streets, adding that “We have waited four years to celebrate this moment, the hoisting of our national flag.”



R. Raslan-Ghossoun


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