Russian Defense Ministry: Washington violates UNSC Resolution No. 2401 through blocking aid to civilians in Raqqa and Tanf

Moscow, SANA – Russian Defense ministry said that the USA and its allies violate the UN Security Council Resolution No. 2401 through blocking aid to civilians in Raqqa.

The Ministry said in a statement published on its website that the USA does not allow entrance of the aid sent by the UN or any international organization to Raqqa, pointing out that Washington, London and their allies completely ignore abiding by UNSC Resolution No. 2401 on Syria.

It pointed out that the groups affiliated to the USA force the locals to stay in Raqqa and prevent them from leaving to safe areas, warning of the huge danger that threatens the civilians of the unexploded ordnance and the explosives which have not been defused where more than 500 people have been killed by them so far in Raqqa.

The Ministry clarified that despite Washington’s statements on readiness to let a humanitarian convoy in to the displaced in al-Tanf, it refuses to give a complete guarantee that the aid would be distributed to the displaced exclusively not to the armed groups it supports.



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