22 civilians martyred, scores others injured in Turkish regime’s aggression on Afrin city

Aleppo, SANA- 16 civilians, among them children were martyred and score others were injured due to Turkish shelling on Afrin Hospital on Friday.

Director of Afrin Hospital Dr. Joan Mohammad told SANA that the Turkish shelling on Afrin Hospital caused huge damage to the hospital which went out of service.

SANA reporter said that the forces of the Turkish regime and the mercenaries of the terrorist groups continued shelling with heavy weapons the city of Afrin, leaving 6 civilians martyred and 7 others injured, among them a number of children.

The reporter added that the Turkish regime caused during the past few hours huge material damage to the building, facilities and infrastructure, and compelling hundreds of families to escape the Turkish shelling.

The Turkish regime continued aggression on Afrin Area since 20 last January amid the silence of the international and humanitarian organizations left more than 1000 civilians martyred and injured and destroying scores of villages and towns and displacing thousands of civilians from their villages and towns.

H. Zain/ Mazen

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