Syrian football referee Ruba Zarqa dreams of officiating FIFA World Cup matches

Damascus, SANA –Ruba Zarqa is a Syrian football referee who drew the experts’ attention with her good officiating performance in local matches and awarded an officiating certification by the FIFA International Federation.

Interviewed by SANA, the 32-year-old female referee said that she started her career by joining al-Muhafaza Club in 2002 after which she played for the Syrian national women’s football team, adding that she moved up the career ladder as a referee and enrolled in several Asian and international training programs to refine her officiating skills and knowledge.

Zaeqa obtained her international football badge after passing the AFC elite referees tests, along with other three referees from Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine who represented the Arabs in the tests.

The encouragement given by her family and the main referee committee made Zarqa look forward to further enhance her skills and move one step closer to realize her dream of officiating matches at the FIFA World Cup after passing the recent fitness tests for international referees.

R. Raslan / Ghossoun

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