Jousiyeh border crossing between Syria and Lebanon reopened

Homs, SANA_ Jousiyeh border crossing between Syria and Lebanon in al-Qsair area in the southwestern countryside of Homs was reopened on Thursday after a five-year stoppage.

The rehabilitation and maintenance of the crossing’s damaged facilities due to the terrorist attacks was completed.

Interior Minister, Lt. Gen. Mohammad al-Shaar, toured buildings of the border crossing and listened to a presentation about the measures taken to facilitate the passage of citizens.

The Minister stressed that the movement across the border crossing will start on Friday morning, emphasizing the necessity of facilitating the procedures for citizens in offices of the Customs and Immigration Secretariat.

The crossing border is scheduled to include branches of immigration and passports, customs, customs clearance, quarantine, laboratories and a real estate bank.

The crossing was completely closed since five years ago due to the spread of the Takfir terrorist groups on both sides of the Syrian-Lebanese borders before the Syrian Arab Army, in cooperation with the Lebanese resistance, cleared the area.


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