Munzer: Syria committed to facilitate humanitarian aid delivery despite terrorist breaches

New York, SANA –Acting Chargé d’affaires of Syria’s permanent delegation to the UN Munzer Munzer said that the Syrian government is committed to provide all facilitation required to deliver humanitarian aid despite the escalation of terrorist acts, breaches of de-escalation zone agreement and targeting of cities and residential areas.

Speaking at a UN Security Council’s session on Syria, Munzer stressed the need for keeping the work of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) far away from double standards and pressures exerted by the governments of some UNSC permanent member states with the aim of using the humanitarian file as a tool to pressure the Syrian government.

He noted that the parties assigned with preparing the monthly report should rely on the principle of respecting the relevant UN resolutions, topped with the commitment to respect the Syrian Arab Republic’s sovereignty and the safety of its territories, in addition to providing humanitarian aid to Syria without any politicization or selectivity.

He added that Syria, last Monday, sent an official letter to the UN Secretary General and Chairman of the UN Security Council explaining the Syrian government’s attitude towards its current report with the same faults that are related to relying on politicized and incredible sources, expressing regret over allegations of administrative obstacles and intended constraints that hinder the delivery of humanitarian aid to unstable areas.

Munzer said that the information included in the monthly report about the UN’s success in delivering humanitarian aid to millions of needy people inside Syria won’t be achievable without the Syrian government’s full cooperation, coordination and support.

He indicated that the tripartite mechanism of cooperation formed last September bringing together the Syrian government, Russia and the UN is doing well in bridging gaps and overcoming obstacles in order to facilitate and coordinate humanitarian efforts and the outcomes were positive.

The Syrian diplomat called upon those who have prepared the report to brief the member states on the real figures and data which reflect tangible progress in delivering humanitarian aid as the Syrian government and its allies have liberated the majority of Syrian territory from terrorism.

He expressed the Syrian government’s regret over the report makers’ insistence on promoting cross-border humanitarian aid with the majority of which still being captured by the armed terrorist groups in the targeted areas, questioning how would the suffering of civilians living in those areas continue unless terrorists capture food materials and buy them to the needy people at fabulous prices.

Munzer affirmed that the civilians in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus countryside come under a siege imposed by different armed groups who exploit the citizens and use them as human shields and loot their humanitarian aid.


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