Industry Minister: Drawing up future plans to rehabilitate Aleppo companies

Aleppo, SANA – Industry Minister Ahmad al-Hamo affirmed the need to draw up clear future plans for industrial companies in the near and the long terms based on the feasibility studies and the capabilities available for rehabilitating the production lines and machineries to rerun the wheels of production.

Meeting with a number of directors of general industrial companies in Aleppo, held at the HQ of the Cable Company on Thursday, al-Hamo stressed the need to invest the capabilities available of weak companies in Aleppo to resume production to meet the local market’s needs.

He called for keeping the companies’ interests in mind and selecting the best offer when studying tenders presented by the friend countries’ companies, including the Iranian ones, and making the best use of Iran’s second credit line.

The minister highlighted the need for companies to seek high quality production and utilize the available technology to keep pace with the global production development, including the production of lithium batteries in Aleppo.

Shaza/H. Said

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