Al-Moallem: Any meeting on Syrian not attended by the Syrian government, the representative of the Syrian people, is conspiratorial meeting that we do not recognize

New York, SANA, Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem on Sunday confirmed that any meeting on Syria which is not attended by the Syrian government, the representative of the Syrian people, is a conspiratorial meeting and we do not recognize it and its outcome.

On Astana talks, Al-Moallem pointed out in a press statement in New York on Sunday that the atmospheres were positive thanks to the Russian and Iranian efforts as an agreement among the guarantors on establishing de-escalation zones in Idleb was achieved.

On the US-led International coalition’s allegations on fighting ISIS terrorist organization, al-Moallem said that the coalition’s airstrikes on the Syrian areas killed scores of innocent civilians, mostly women and children, and destroyed the Syrian economic infrastructure, adding that those airstrikes don’t target the terrorist organization and this raises a big question marks over the intention and objectives of this coalition.

Regarding the coercive unilateral measures imposed on Syria, al-Moallem elaborated that there is more understanding by the international community to this issue than before.

“ Those sanctions are coercive and unilateral and imposed from outside the UN Security Council,” al-Moallem said, adding that to play its role, Europe should lift those sanctions immediately.

He commented on the Israeli aggression on Syria by saying that “if the international community has an appropriate response, Israel wouldn’t continue its brutal aggression,” adding that the international community doesn’t take any step or action against the Israeli aggression as Israel is protected by the US.

On the planned referendum on the separation of Northern Iraq, the Foreign Minister reiterated that Syria recognizes only a unified Iraq, expressing Syria’s rejection of any measure that lead to partitioning Iraq.

Al-Moallem said: “this step is rejected and we don’t recognize it,” asserting that he informed the Iraqi Foreign Minister of Syria’s stance.

Al-Moallem affirmed that there is a coordination with Iraq as Syria and Iraq are fighting the same enemy.

H. Zain/ Ghossoun

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