Syria calls upon ILO to take clear stance and condemn terrorist attacks against civilians

Geneva, SANA – Deputy Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Rakan Ibrahim stressed Syria’s adherence to the International Labor Organization (ILO)strategic objectives, Constitution and conventions.

Ibrahim was speaking at the 106 session of the International Labor Conference currently held in Geneva.

He called upon the ILO to take a clear stance and condemn the armed terrorist organizations’ criminal acts, demanding  the activation of the Organization’s decision on the ILO Director-General’s mission to the occupied Syrian Golan and re-run its programs and activities in Syria.

Ibrahim noted to the conference’s agenda and its main topics related to work and development, the most important of which is the Green Initiative submitted by ILO Director-General as well as his report on the situation of Arab workers in the occupied Arab territories.

He questioned the cause of overlooking the occupied Syrian Golan in the title of the report and the fact-finding mission’s refusal to meet the three pillars of production / government, workers and employers/ and inspect the Israeli occupation’s transgressions against Syrian workers and employers in the occupied Syrian Golan and other occupied Arab territories, noting that the mission’s attitude violates the legitimate authority of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Ibrahim referred to the negative impacts of the barbaric war waged on Syria which caused the closure of more than 1000 economic facilities, the laying-off of thousands of laborers and depriving them from their only source of income.

He expressed astonishment at the international silence towards the inequality between offender and victim in the unjust war waged by armed terrorist organizations whose message is to commit more crimes of killing, kidnapping, terrifying safe civilians, attacking state-owned institutions and destroying services and economic sectors in violation of all morals, humanitarian values and international conventions.

The Deputy Minister of Social Affairs added that Syria has remained steadfast as a state and institutions and continued its unremitting efforts to perform its duties according to a national work plan that guarantees enough job opportunities and a decent life for workers and helps achieve social justice and comprehensive development through cooperation with social partners and the civil sector.

In the same context, Chairman of the Syrian General Federation of Trade Unions, Jamal al-Qaderi, delivered a speech in which he noted to the terrorist organizations’ attacks against the infrastructure and the Syrian national economy, not to mention the draining of economic resources such as oil and gas.

He called upon the ILO to set up and coordinate programs in order to provide job opportunities for the youth in the developing and poor countries.

Al-Qaderi also talked about the Syrians who were forced to leave their country due to the terrorist attacks and the difficult economic circumstances as a result of current war and the unilateral economic sanctions, indicating to the exploitation, bad treatment and terrible work environment they had to endure in order to survive.

He suggested holing d a symposium in Damascus to study possible projects that can be implemented in cooperation with the ILO to assist those who lost their source of income and left their homes, provide decent work and contribute to the reconstruction of what has been destroyed by terrorism.

The Conference which lasts till June 16th is organized annually by the International Labor Organization (ILO).The 106 session is held with the participation of some 4000 representatives of workers, employers and governments from the 187 member states of the ILO, who will be discussing issues related to the field of work and labor.





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