Iliichev: Terrorist organizations’ escalation has significant negative impacts on humanitarian situation in Syria

New York, SANA – The Russian charge d’ affaires to the UN Petr Iliichev stressed that the terrorist organizations’ escalation in Syria has significant negative impacts on the humanitarian situation that undermines Geneva talks.

Iliichev made his remarks during the UNSC meeting held Thursday to discuss the humanitarian situation in Syria.

“Criticizing the Syrian government will not help”, Iliichev said, adding that there should be an honest intention and a collective approach to reach out a solution.

The Russian envoy stressed the need to take into account the Syrian government’s unremitting efforts outside the international framework, indicating that all reports have overlooked this fact which has been acknowledged by local and international non-governmental organizations.

Iliichev said that the so-called White Helmets have fabricated films and documentary videos, pointing out that there are many reports confirming its links with terrorist organizations.

He underlined the importance of the cessation of hostilities agreement in allowing the delivery of humanitarian supplies, adding that the terrorists’ provocative acts prevent further progress in this regard.

The Russian diplomat stressed the need to help the Syrian people and rehabilitate the damaged areas.

He refused statements made by the British and French representatives on the local reconciliations in Syria which reveal the double standard policy they adopt, pointing out to the key role of these reconciliations in protecting the Syrians.

Iliichev stressed that Astana and Geneva efforts complement each other and making a progress on all levels is the best way to put an end to the humanitarian suffering.

Commenting on the US representative Nikki Haley, Iliichev said that Russia is working on to guarantee respecting the cessation of hostilities agreement as the only way to improve the humanitarian situation while neither the US nor any western colleague talked about their efforts to achieve this goal.

He reiterated his country’s firm support to finding a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria that is based on the principle that the future of the country is decided by its people.

For his part, the Chinese Representative to the UN urged all parties to abide by the ceasefire agreement, allow the delivery of humanitarian aid and provide appropriate atmosphere to reach a political settlement to the crisis in Syria through dialogue.

He stressed the need for intensifying international efforts to combat terrorism, calling upon all parties concerned to take part in Geneva talks and reach out an acceptable settlement.

The Chinese diplomat added that the terrorist attacks on Syrian territories are setback for the international efforts, expressing his country’s condemnation of the terrorist attack against inhabitants of Kefraya and al-Fou’a in al-Rashideen area in Aleppo.

In turn, Kazakhstan’s representative to the UN called for providing support to Astana and Geneva efforts and fighting terrorism to improve the humanitarian situation and boost the efforts of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and other humanitarian agencies to fulfill their duties.

Bolivia’s Representative the UN said that counterterrorism in Syria should be in coordination with the Syrian government, stressing the necessity of respecting the UNSC resolutions /2254 and 2336/.

He called for conducting an independent impartial investigation on Khan Sheikhoun incident, expressing his country’s denunciation of terrorist attacks which target the civilians in Syria.





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