Tuesday weather forecast: Temperatures around average, skies clear in general

Damascus, SANA- The temperatures will rise to become around average as the country is affected by a superficial high air pressure accompanied by western air currents in the upper layers of the atmosphere.

The Meteorology Department expected in its Tuesday bulletin that the skies will clear in general with some scattered clouds while the weather will be misty in the eastern, al-Jazeera, al-Badiya “desert” areas.

The wind will be westerly to northwesterly with a low to moderate speed while the sea waves will be low to medium in height.

Tomorrow, the temperatures will continue to rise to become from 2 to 4 degrees while the skies will be clear to partly cloudy in general, while the weather will be misty in the eastern, al-Jazeera and al-Badiya.

The expected temperatures in some of the major Syrian cities will be as follows: Damascus 25/11, Daraa 25/10, Homs 23/9, Lattakia 24/15, Aleppo 24/9 and Deir Ezzor 28/11.


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