Aleppo Governor to European parliamentary delegation: Victory in Aleppo prelude for clearing Syria of terrorism

Aleppo, SANA – Aleppo Governor Hussein Diab said that the victory in Aleppo, which was made possible thanks to the steadfastness of Syrians and their solidarity with the Syrian army and leadership, constitutes a prelude for clearing Syria of terrorism and a severe blow to terrorist plots.

Meeting a European parliamentary delegation on Friday headed by Deputy Chairman of Foreign Affairs at the European Parliament Javier Couso, Diab stressed the need for uniting efforts to counter the threat of terrorism, briefing the delegation on Aleppo city and the methodical destruction it was subjected to at the hands of terrorists.

He also talked about the negative repercussions of the unilateral and coercive economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian people, voicing confidence that the delegation members will relay to their people the truth about the terrorist war targeting Syria and debunk malicious media lies.

The Governor also reviewed the efforts exerted by the Governorate to rebuild what was destroyed by terrorists and to provide services to citizens.

For his part, Couso said the delegation came to Aleppo to witness life in the city and the destruction caused to it by terrorism in order to relay a complete image to the European public opinion, adding that the delegation members will talk to their colleagues at the European Parliament to try and change their negative attitude towards the events in Syria, in addition to carrying out campaigns to clarify facts to the public opinion and working towards lifting the embargo on Syria.

For their part, the delegation members voiced their shock and sadness over the destruction they witnessed in Aleppo, affirming their rejection of the EU’s hostile positions towards Syria, in addition to decrying the EU’s silence over the suffering of Syrians and its double standards in dealing with human rights issues.

Hazem Sabbagh

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