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September, 2020

  • 16 September

    Art Exhibition of 120 talented children at National Center for Visual Arts  

    Damascus, SANA- Talented children have chosen colors as a friend and they showcased their artistic skills at the gallery of the National Center for Visual Arts, in partnership with the …

  • 10 September

    Artizana… a heritage craft project that brings together the products of creative Syrian hands

    Damascus, SANA- Despite the many difficulties that handicraft owners are facing in selling their products, and the abstention of many young men to learn traditional trades in recent times, Artizana …

  • 8 September

    Bashar Jawdat al-Halabi returns the glory to the manufacture of the Damascene oud in a workshop in Sarouja neighborhood

    Damascus, SANA- Sarouja neighborhood has been associated with people who love Damascus for its beauty and originality. It is a small neighborhood known as the Alley of Roses which embraces …

  • 7 September

    Dr.Rida Saed..one of the founders of scientific revival and first president of the Syrian University

    Damascus, SANA- Modern scientific restoration in Syria owes many national academic intellectual figures, on top of them, the Damascene doctor Rida Saed (1876 -1945). Saed, who was the founder of …

  • 7 September

    Creation Myth Statue… A story of civilization narrated by Palmyrene temple of Bel

    Damascus, SANA – The statue of creation myth is considered as one of the most important statues at the Palmyrene Temple of Bel, sometimes also referred to as the “Temple …

  • 3 September

    Syrian Expatriate artist wins a competition for choosing statue for a square in Canada

    Ottawa, SANA- A new Syrian distinction abroad was achieved by the Syrian artist residing in Canada, Randa Hijazi, after she won in a competition for choosing a statue related to …

  • 3 September

    Activities of 8th Delbah Forum for culture and art continue in Mashta al-Helou

    Tartous, SANA- Activities of 8th al-Delbah Forum for culture and art have continued at al-Delbah square in Mashta al-Helou in Tartous province under the motto “For People.. For Life”. The …

  • 1 September

    Ancient Mayamas temples … unique architectural design dating back to 2nd century AD

    Sweida, SANA- Mayamas village, about 20 km to the southeast of Sweida city, is rich in its antiquities which date back to different ages, the most prominent of which are …

August, 2020

  • 24 August

    Al-Khabiya archeological Souq in Aleppo renovated in cooperation with UNDP  

    Aleppo, SANA- The City Council of Aleppo, in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), has completed the restoration works of the ancient of al-Khabiya Souq “market” and the …

  • 22 August

    E-books become more popular than print among Syrians during Coronavirus pandemic

    Damascus, SANA- The Coronavirus pandemic has affected most sectors as well as social and cultural habits, and one of those habits is reading; with the extended quarantine and lockdown periods, …