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September, 2020

  • 9 September

    Fires erupt again in forests of Beit Atiq, al-Hikr and Ain Shams in Massyaf Countryside

    Hama, SANA-Fires have erupted again in forests in the vicinity of the villages of Beit Atiq, al-Hikr and Ain Shams in Massyaf southwestern countryside as the firefighting teams and the …

  • 7 September

    Firefighting teams continue to confront wildfires in vicinity of Nobbul al-Khatib, Hama countryside

    Hama, SANA- SANA’s reporter said that the firefighting and civil defense teams, in cooperation with the locals have continued to confront the fires in the forests surrounding Nobbul al-Khatib area …

  • 6 September

    Al-Freekeh forest fire contained by more than 75 percent after devouring large areas

    Hama, SANA-The firefighting teams are still struggling to control a fire that broke out on Saturday in the forests of Slunfieh and expanded towards the forests of the western countryside …

  • 6 September

    Firefighting teams extinguish massive wildfires in Biret al-Jird in Massyaf countryside

    Hama, SANA- The firefighting teams and the civil defense have been able to extinguish a massive fire that have erupted from four days in the forests of Biret al-Jird in …

  • 6 September

    Health Ministry sends support to al-Freekeh in Hama countryside to enhance response to fires

    Hama, SANA- The Health Ministry has sent support to the emergency point in al-Freekeh in Hama countryside to enhance its response to the fires raging in the area, which reached …

  • 6 September

    For the third day, firefighting teams confront massive wildfires in Massyaf

    Hama, SANA- For the third day in a row, the firefighting and civil defense teams have been trying to control massive wildfires which erupted in Biret al-Jird area and Ein …

August, 2020

  • 30 August

    Hama production of honey estimated at 250 tons for the current season

    Hama, SANA- Hama Agriculture Directorate estimated the province’s production of honey for the current season at 250 tons.  Fayez Hindawi, Head of Bee Division at Hama Agriculture Directorate told SANA …

  • 26 August

    Rehabilitation of 6 schools sabotaged by terrorism  in Idleb southern countryside

    Hama, SANA- The General Company for Building and Construction, Hama branch started the rehabilitation works in 6 schools that have been sabotaged by the terrorist attacks in Idleb southern countryside …

  • 26 August

    A civilian injured in terrorist shelling attack in Hama northern countryside

    Hama, SANA- A civilian was injured in a rocket attack launched by terrorist groups on Jourin town and al-Baraka village in Hama northwestern countryside. A source at Hama Police Command …

  • 23 August

    Two civilians injured in landmine blast in Karnaz town, northwest of Hama

    Hama, SANA- Two civilians have been injured in a blast of a landmine left behind by terrorist groups in vicinity of Karnaz town, northwest of Hama.  SANA reporter in Hama …